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Chloe’s Ultimate Travel Guide for Day Trips to Córdoba and Seville 


Day trips to Córdoba and Seville must be on your bucket-list. Both cities are located in the Andalusia region of Spain which showcases stunning Moorish architecture. Signature keyhole archways and arabesque motifs are common, yet stunning architectural elements, found in most of the historical sites in Córdoba and Seville. 

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Language: Spanish (or Castilian Spanish) in addition to languages spoken in autonomous regions (such as Catalan in Catalonia, a region largely associated with Barcelona).

Currency: the Euro 

Voltage and plug adapters: Spain runs on 230V and uses the round pin plugs. Stock up on some adapters handling voltage range between 220 – 240V. (See my post on Essential Items to Pack in your Carry-on for tips on what plug adapters to buy.) 

Major Train Stations: 

Córdoba: Córdoba Central Train Station 

Seville: Sevilla Santa Justa

Major Airports:

Córdoba: Córdoba Airport 

Seville: Seville International Airport  

Getting There 

Day trips to Córdoba and Seville can be easily planned by bus, high-speed trains, and planes. Depending on your origin of departure, you might have to connect in another major city and catch a bus or train to complete your journey. Download the Renfe app to buy train tickets on the go. Also check out Alsa for local buses serving the above cities.

Consider visiting Granada for a few days too if you’re heading to the Andalusia region of Spain. Start your journey in Granada, then to Córdoba, then to Seville to make a great teaser trip of southern Spain. 

Fountain at the Alcazar.
A stone fountain sheltered by large leaves in the Alcázar.

Where to Stay 


Check out Booking.com or Hostelworld.com (if you’re on a tighter budget) for some nice places to stay. At first glance, the results on Hostelworld showed some results of beautiful, old historical buildings turned into hostels. Unfortunately, the hostel I stayed at is no longer available. 


Hotel Alminar 

A luxury 3-star hotel located near tourist sites but also tucked away in a quiet pedestrian street. I believe a good night’s sleep is important while you’re travelling. So if you prize good sleep, comfort, and a convenient location then this could be a great spot. Rooms are updated and spacious with a generously sized bathroom and the hotel is within walking distance to most major tourist sites like the Seville Cathedral and the Giralda. 

What to See and Do 

The perfect one day itineraries to Seville and Córdoba if you’re on a tight schedule.


The royal palace of Seville.

Palace Of Seville 

Gorgeous, impressive, stunning, majestic, one of the crown jewels of Seville. It’s an architectural marvel built in a semi-circle crowned with fountains and dotted with mosaics on all the seats, benches, and stairs. Spend a few hours here pondering about your existence and then take a stroll by the trail where you’ll find stone sculptures of cinderella-like characters.

Stone statues in the garden of the royal palace of Seville.
Stone statues in the garden of the royal palace of Seville.

Catch A Flamenco Show In Seville

Flamenco shows in Seville are a wonder and you’ll see lots of young dancers in training practicing on the streets. Book your next flamenco show with drinks and tapas with Viator to avoid the line. There was a flamenco show located inside a venue with arches and the audience seated around a small stage. It was superbly intimate. Sadly, I don’t think this particular flamenco show is around anymore. However, I highly recommend it because it was cozy and no food was served; just pure enjoyment of the spectacle. 

The Royal Alcazar of Seville 

Walking into this place is like walking into a miracle. The ceilings are stunning and made to replicate the star patterns of the night sky. Arabesque motifs, keyhole archways, wooden doors, clear fountains, with the local flora and fauna make this space into a garden of Eden. 

Inner gardens of the Alcázar.

Triana Neighbourhood

The Triana neighbourhood is located on the other side of the canal. You can see the buildings lit up at night and it’s a charming neighbourhood with bars and restaurants. There are lots of restaurants located right next to the canal but best to avoid them as they’re super pricey. Walk into the alleyways and look for some small bars and restaurants. Sit out on the terrace, relish in your dinner, and enjoy a pint.


The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba (Mezquita-Catedral) 

Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba.
The inner sanctuary of the Mosque Cathedral of Córdoba.

Get up a little earlier and head to the most mesmerizing cathedral of all time. It’s usually free entry before 10 AM and you’ll also enjoy the beautiful morning light while strolling into the cathedral. This enthralling monument showcases the Omeyan style of architecture and also the Baroque styles of Christian cathedrals as you’ll see in the Christian parts of the mosque. Reflect and take in the wonders of the arches as you walk through them. It’s a humbling and sanctifying space; a true sanctum sanctorum. 

Jesus in the Courtyard (Christ of the Lanterns) 

In this courtyard you’ll find a crucified Jesus in white marble in the middle of a small courtyard. The alleyway opens up into a tiny square and there is a beautiful and holy sight of Jesus. The site is tranquil, serene, and there’s something about the atmosphere that is quite reassuring. It’s a resting place of reflection if you’re doing a little self-guided walking tour. 

Where to Eat 

Brief preface: I had no idea I was gonna start a blog about where to go, stay, and eat! Which means I didn’t save a lot of restaurant names for reference. BUT! I can provide some descriptions of dishes that I had that I think are worth trying. Maybe you’ll stumble on some restaurants serving them too. 


There was a brilliant restaurant in a pretty busy tourist area serving tasty tapas. It was a short walk from the Seville cathedral and, though other restaurants had large terraces and pricey tourist-gouging prices, this gem was on the same street but tranquil and hidden in plain sight. 

 A vibrant place where I ordered croquetas, mushroom risotto, and anchovies on toast. It was absolutely sublime. Checking for food recommendations on apps (or this blog!) are great but I highly recommend exploring places on foot, checking out menus as you go, then taking a chance on a place that piques your interest. Discovering a great restaurant by chance is one of the best parts of travelling. 


There’s a charming little cheesecake shop called La Tarterie that makes for a great pit stop. They sell cheesecakes like red velvet and baileys which are scrumptious and a delight to have under the Andalusian sun. 

There are some paradisiacal-looking Michelin-starred restaurants here. There was one with a lovely courtyard lined with palm trees; it was the most charming thing and (though I couldn’t have quite afforded it) I should’ve went in all the same! Now 7 years later I’m still kicking myself for not trying it. If you’re able, definitely treat yourself to a Michelin-starred restaurant in Córdoba (or in Spain in general where there are more Michelin-starred restaurants per square inch of land than any other country). 

Beautiful mosaics at the royal palace of Seville.

Córdoba and Seville are stunning cities. Spending a day or so in Cordoba is sufficient to see some major sites. Then make sure to spend a few days in Seville to visit the Alcazar, catch a flamenco show, and stroll around the Triana neighbourhood. Definitely throw Granada into the trip so you can see the most famous Moorish fortress of all: the Alhambra. Check out my guide to seeing Granada in 2 days or see my other guides to Spain for inspiration. 


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