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Themes that’ll inspire you to actually commit to building your site.

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the affiliate links. I only recommend products I’ve personally used and liked. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been trying to commit to starting a travel blog for a while now, but it was discouraging seeing how my site looked using a free theme. I didn’t have a beautiful template like other bloggers I admired, but then I stumbled onto Blossom Themes. One of the reasons why I’m even more committed to running a travel blog now is because I love how good my site finally looks. 


This site uses the theme Vilva Pro from Blossom Themes

I’ll talk about what I love about the theme so far, what’s been working well for me, what can be improved, and whether or not a Blossom Theme could be a good choice for your site too.

What problems did a Blossom theme solve for me? 

I basically wanted a beautiful website with none of the hassle of creating it. I have zero interest in coding a theme from scratch; I find deciding on a colour palette absolutely overwhelming. I have no desire to debate about how navigation menus should be structured (hamburger or kebab style anyone?), or which combination of font pairings are the better choice. 

In short, I wanted the hard work done for me. 

Hence, Blossom Themes. 

Finding Blossom Themes was like finding a fully renovated home: it’s move-in ready. Or in this case: blogging ready. All I had to do was buy it, upload the files to WordPress, learn how to customize the template, and start publishing my posts. 

The Vilva Pro Blossom theme satisfied my wish list. This theme actually includes 5 layout templates to choose from after you purchase it so you can choose the layout that best reflects the brand you’re trying to build. 

The Vilva Pro theme had all the features I wanted which include: 

  • several convenient widgets (e.g. social media, author bio, popular posts, email subscription,variations of widgets to show image and text, and more),
  • lots and lots of layout options for the menu headers, posts, and pages. You can choose to show or hide logos in the header and the theme gives you several variations of how your header could look,
  • the theme lets you display a large beautiful banner. Options include having a static or sliding banner, or even a video banner,
  • a fully designed footer with widget options,
  • a couple of feature posts sections to display posts I want to highlight. The posts scroll automatically or they’re organized in a way that separates them from the regular posts published, 
  • an earth-tone colour palette that resonates with me, 
  • optimized for mobile and tablet devices. All the heavy-lifting of responsive design was done for me. 

There are many, many more useful features that come built-in with the themes which you can discover more by going to Blossom Themes below.


And best of all: I have full control over almost every element on the theme. 

Other specs include built-in commerce pages to run a store through your website and a portfolio template feature which is neat for organizing posts that you want shown in a portfolio format. 

Note that I haven’t used the commerce feature as I don’t run a store, but it could be useful for bloggers looking to blog and sell merchandise through their site. 

Blossom Themes gave me the theme I was looking for with none of the stress of making it. 

Who are Blossom Themes for? 

I say Blossom Themes are for any one who just wants to get started with creating content for their site without having to spend time or energy making a beautiful site template themselves. 

Blossom Theme lets you buy a theme and renew it every year, but they have several pricing options for your needs from à la carte services to lifetime theme prices. Before committing to a whole “lifetime” of Blossom Themes you can buy one theme and test it out all you like. 

It was super easy to use the demo importer to import demo content from one of the Blossom Theme templates. I then experimented with every element on the demo version to learn how to customize the template to my liking. 

Blossom Themes could be a good choice if:

  • you’re starting a blog or even a commerce website, 
  • you want control over every element without having to style anything on your own. 
  • you want the freedom to focus on content creation instead of formatting layout designs (which are incredibly overwhelming for me so Blossom Themes took that stress off).

You’ll still have to work to get your content onto the template, but at least it’ll be the work you want to do most. Leave the designing to the pros and focus on creating engaging content for your site. 

What’s working for me. 

Some features that are working well for me include:

  • the featured posts section where posts scroll horizontally. I like that it adds a bit of dynamism to the page, but that it also entices readers to read some posts I think will capture their interest. 
  • the different layout options for displaying posts on the homepage. I have the flexibility to change the layout anytime and this is great for showing off some posts with header photos that I think should stand out more to capture the reader’s attention, 
  • the widgets for sidebars and footers. It’s nice to have an author bio and social media widgets as options for sidebars and footers. The site is extremely well optimized for promoting your brand on social media. They make it super easy to add an instagram feed or pinterest feed to your site. 
  • user-friendly and helpful tool tips.The template states the size you need for an image or logo to make sure it appears nicely on your site. It’s nice to not have to dig for these small, but important info. 

What could be improved. 

Some things about the theme that could be improved in my opinion: 

  • the portfolio template. It’s a neat feature for categorizing posts and I wish it wasn’t limited to the portfolio template feature. This feature could be useful for categorizing travel posts in a practical but fun way. It’s quite user friendly so I hope they extend the feature to other parts of the theme. 
  • how posts are displayed when sorted by categories. I’d like to have a bit more control over how posts appear when sorted by category on a page. For example, all posts grouped under “Italy” will appear if a user clicks on the “Italy” category in the menu, but the layout of the page where the posts are shown simply mirrors the layout I chose for the homepage. It’d be great if there was a way to control how those posts appeared on a category page. 

It’s my first time using a premium WordPress theme and there are a myriad of customization options. Sometimes I find myself getting lost on where to update certain elements even though I’ve done it a few times already. 

Are Blossom themes worth it? 

As a beginner blogger I found Blossom Themes completely worth it because it gave me a beautiful, yet practical, website without any of the frustration of making it. A Blossom Theme comes with multiple templates with the purchase of one theme and you get full control over all the design elements. But the best part is you get to focus on creating and publishing your content without the hassle of building a website—and you know your content will be beautifully presented when you hit the “publish” button.

Head over to Blossom Themes to check out all their theme options and find one that’ll help you get your site started.