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Travel items from Amazon you must pack in your travel purse.

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Pay attention to what you pack in your purse when travelling. Packing unnecessary items can really break a trip. You’ll be exploring and moving around a lot, so the last thing you want is to haul around stuff you don’t need.

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To help you reduce the stress of packing, here are some of my top tips for what to pack in your purse while travelling, so you can have a no fuss, no muss journey.

Firstly, find the best cross-body purse for travelling for you.

What criteria should you follow when choosing the best travel bags?

Check out my guide on The Best Types Of Bags For Travelling for inspiration on investing in a new travel purse.

A good, light travel purse should have:

  • interior and exterior compartments (preferably with zipper and magnetic closures. Zippered closure is good for keeping important items safe, and magnetic closures are good for quick access to high-traffic items like sunglasses and lip balm),
  • adjustable strap, 
  • discreet look (not too bright, not too shiny) but also chic,
  • water-proof and sturdy.

But why a cross-body bag, you ask? A sturdy cross-body travel bag keeps your hands free. You can easily take pictures, and move around, without having to worry about your purse getting in the way. 

What should you pack in your cross-body purse? 

M&M (Money and Medicine) 

Always have some petty cash handy for tipping or for paying for taxi rides. Then again, you never know when there’ll be a power outage! So having some cash on hand is critical in case you simply just can’t use your credit cards. Most places these days take cards, but do be wary that some places still prefer to transact mostly in cash. 

I can’t stress the importance of always having some medication on you. It’s a PAIN to be sick while exploring another country. I recommend having some medication for headaches, motion sickness, and throat lozenges in your travel purse. This way, you have quick access to relief if you’re feeling unwell while exploring. 

Paper Copies of Passports

I highly recommend storing your passport in your hotel safe or hidden on your person if you’re staying in shared accommodations where a safe isn’t available. Keep paper copies in your travel purse and only show it when required (like proof of ID at a tour gathering). Do not carry around your original documents if you can avoid it. This minimizes the risk of it getting lost or stolen. 

Phone and Plug Adapters 

Keep a country-specific plug adapter in your purse for charging your phone on the go. I personally like the 2-pack European Plug Adapters with 2 USB ports sold on Amazon. They have 2 USB ports which let you charge a couple of devices at the same time. 


They aren’t simply for bright, hot weather! Sunglasses are also perfect for snowy, wintry places too. Bright snow can damage your eyes pretty quickly, so make sure to have sunglasses with you when you travel to hot and cold places. 

Burt’s Bee Lip Balm 

Burt’s Bee Moisturizing Lip Balm cures my chapped lips every time. Each pack comes with 3 fruit scented lip balms. They’re small, easy to carry, and prevent my lips from being dry and cracked. I highly recommend carrying Burt’s Bee lip balms in your travel purse to keep your lips feeling good.

Hand Wipes and Hand Cream 

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes and Glysomed Hand Cream are super convenient to have in your travel purse. The wipes are a quick alternative to hand sanitizers if you’re in a pinch. And definitely have some Glysomed hand cream stuffed away in your purse. They work wonders on curing dry, itchy hands caused by long haul travel. 

Breath Mints or Chewing Gum

Lastly, I recommend having some breath mints or chewing gum on hand. It’s nice to be able to refresh your breath during a long journey or after a hearty meal. So stock up on travel size options of your favourite chewing gum, or breath mints, to round out the items you should pack in your purse when travelling. 

And now that you know what to pack in your purse when travelling, check out my Destination Guides to help you plan your next trip. 


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